The show goes online

The official videos from my pole show at the Secret Pole Dance studio are now on Youtube!!!  Here you can see my group perform ‘Sexercize”.  Music by Kyle Monogue, choreography by our instructor Janet Lee.   I am in the second group on the pole.   What you might not notice is that I was spinning so fast, I almost lost it when I got back on the ground (around 2:10).  Luckily I recovered fast enough to keep on dancing.  It was a blast!! Thanks again to all my instructors and fellow dancers.

You can also watch the other ten routines from the night.  There was a wide range of levels and dance styles from hip-hop to striptease.  I think my personal favorites include  “Pole Swag” choreographed by the owner Diamond.  When ever you see one of her routines you know there will be ass shaking.  She loves to twerk!

Another favorite is “Enter Sandman (Spinning Pole Level 4)” choreographed by Lana.   This is just a really cool song and the moves are amazing – aerial shoulder mounts, iron-x’s double poses, and more.   While I was in the intermediate spin pole group, this is the advanced group.  Yet I am really starting to enjoy spin pole, so perhaps within a year I mght be able to do some of these tricks.

There also were non-pole routines.   I really enjoyed Egypt’s “Old School Goove or How to dance in heels”.  The routine mixes dance styles through the decades from flappers to disco to vogueing.  It also features my friends Kammy Burnett (one of the 20’s flappers) and Jessica Rabbit (one of the 70s dancers).   What you don’t see is Kammy having to literally cut her shoe off in the race to get her costume changed for our “Sexercize” routine.

Finally there were the instructor solos.  I won’t link to them all though they are all fanstastic, but you do need to check out  Peppa’s crazy chair headstands – skip ahead to 1:20 in the following video:



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