Party under the Sea

In case you missed my last show at Secret Pole Dance Studio, I am going to be performing again tomorrow at USC as part of USC Quasa’s 5th annual Drag Show.  You can read about last year’s show in some of my old blog posts such as, “Veni, Vidi, Veci“, “Lobster Drag“, “Zedseptic“, and “I, Robot, Am Fabulous”.  But this year it is going to be bigger, better, and more fabulous.  There will be more pole dancing, more special guests, and crazier, bigger, and often more skimpier costumes.

Oh and yes, the special guest is Adore Delano, runner up in last year’s season of Rupaul’s Drag Race.  Adore was the young, confident, up and coming drag queen who no one took seriously until she started outlasting, outsinging, our performing everyone else all the way to the final.  I am pretty sure she is going to make me feel old.  Turns, we almost share the same birthday just give or take a decade.  Actually take the decade, I’m not THAT old. Adore can really sing and has the American Idol pedigree to back it up.    I am not sure what we are going to see her do, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her perform this:

or this:

But what I really want to know is can she pole dance?  We know some Season 2 girls gave it a twirl (see video).  I hope we find out.

As for me I am going to be perfoming a solo version of “Sexercize” (see my last post about Secret Pole Dance Studio), and a completely new routine that I have been working on.  In case you are not a USC student or don’t konw you way around campus, TCC ballroom is underneath the student union opposite Tommy Trojan. This building didn’t even exist when I first started at USC (yeah feeling old again).  To RSVP go to the Facebook event page and fill out this form.


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