The Show: Part 1 – Getting Ready

It is going to take a while for me to tell all all the stories from last weeks drag show at USC so let’s start off with my new favorite picture (worth a couple thousand words at least).

My new favorite picture

My new favorite photo

In an nutshell it was a blast.  I left work early to get to USC around 5pm.   I had tried to pack all my outfits the night before.  Yet with so many clothes in my travel suitcase, and duffel bag, plus my full makeup box, I felt like I was getting ready for a week-long expedition not just one night.  I did my makeup at home as I wasn’t sure how much space I would have once I got backstage – after all we were going to have to share the green room with Adore Delano, star of last season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race.  When I got there I was right, there was just one mirror between all of us and Adore got that, so most of cast heads upstairs to prepare their makeup giving me time to do a quick runthrough.

For the show, I borrowed a freestanding pole from my instructor Janet Cee.   Unlike my usual pole that is secured at the bottom and top, this pole is just held in place by a weighted base formed by metal legs and plastic pizza slices.  This pole is fairly rugged.  It even went to the beach earlier this year and still had traces of sand in the box.  We lug the pole up on stage and set it up (I am already getting tired at this point).  It takes a little while to get use the pole, it has a distinct wobble as it spins.  When I try to do my final spin for my act, the entire platform starts to tilt up.  It doesn’t fall over but I decide to tone it back a little for the real show.

After my first run through, Adore takes her turn doing a real sound check.   She doesn’t go through her entire songs, but wow, she can really sing.
Soon everyone is coming back down to plan out our opening runway number but time is time is flying, it is almost 7:30. Brian even recruited a bunch of friends and mermaids to serve as pit crew. No time to apply my fake eyelashes cause the show is about to begin. Next post: SHOWTIME!! 


It this thing stable?

It this thing stable?

The cast



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