The Show: Part 2 – How to Sexercize

SO the door open and people start streaming in.  We have at least 400 people in the house, and they have to start bringing in more chairs.

Unlike previous years which sometimes started with an opening monologue or some quote from RuPaul, this we started with a bang.  We dived straight into the opening catwalk, strutting our stuff to Barry Harris’s “Dive in to the Pool” from the Queer as Folk soundtrack.   I wore my Greek white Goddess dress complete with gold crown.   The song is pretty fast paced so we had to very quickly sashay our way back backstage so I could switch into my next outfit.   I was the first main act – yeah that’s right, I was opening the show!  I didn’t have much time just a few minutes while the two hosts show hosts, dressed as a pair of retired grannies, did a quick comical exercise routine.   I quickly switched into my sports bra and zebra strips while they did a little sketch where they tried to hang from the pole before deciding to leave it to the professionals (I guess that is me!) with my first routine “SEXERCIZE”

Yes, this is the same song that I performed as a group back at Secret Pole Dance “Skin” show, but now I expanded it as a solo, replacing the last third of the routine so I spent more time on the pole.  New tricks included a front attitude lay back, an aerial invert into a flat-line pose, and ending in a head stand with some inverted stag and bow-and-arrow leg poses.

Front Attitude
Front Attitude
Flat line (scorpio)
Flat line
Head stand
Head stand

The problem is that “Sexersize” is a really hard song to lip-sync to.  I still not quite sure what Kyle says at the end of the first verse, “And if you’re lucky I’ma teach you. Let’s just turn you blind?”  What does that even mean? It’s even harder when you are trying to do a headstand upside down and sing at the same time.  If all else fails … “SEXERCIZE, watermellon, watermellon, SEXERCIZE, watermellon watermellon …”.   Luckily most of the time, people can’t see my mouth so I didn’t have to resort to that.  It actually went really well.  You can see that I am beaming as I walked off stage.

Next up will be video of my second routine plus more photos of the other drag queens in including Adore Delano!!


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