The Twerkcracker


I finally get to wear my L.R.D. (Little Red Dress)

Candace and me

Rocking the xmas red with the Candace doll

Last Saturday I had front-row tickets to the TWeRkcracker, finally a chance to bring out my L.R.D. (Little Red Dress) before Christmas. What is the Twerkcracker you may ask? First it was a little Kickstarter from by Meggan Marie that became a fabulous mix of Booties, Ballet and Burlesque.  After a successful first show, now it was back for the second year.  My wife and brother both argued that grammatically it should really be the Nuttwerker, but I think that is just splitting hairs (or nuts?).

The Twerkcracker tells the story of Naomi, a poor girl who doesn’t know how to twerk.  So she throws a fabulous Christmas party for all her friends where she receives a sexy Twerk doll who teaches her how to twerk.   As the party ends, she falls into a tumultuous sleep.  In her dreams, she and her twerk doll friend are challenged to a twerk battle, she dances with her good friend, the flamboyant Sugar Plum Fairy, and more.  There was strip tease, aerial hoops, belly dancing, and some great pole routines.  Many of my instructors from Secret Pole Dance studio played roles including Candace Cane as the Twerk doll, Egypt as Auntie Kush, with Tee and Lana performing as well.  And to top it all the entire show was narrated by Legange Estranga from Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 6.

Luckily, a front roll also meant I have a great vantage point to take a lot of fantastic pictures and twerktastic GIFs.


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