Hamburger Mary’s Long Beach

Hamburger Mary's

Hamburger Mary herself

This New Year’s, I headed down to the party at Hamburger Mary’s in Long Beach.   Jamie Jameson hosts a girl’s night on the first Saturday of each month, but this one was particularly big as the first event of 2015.  The club is usually packed with mostly girls but a few guys show up hoping to get lucky (just try to avoid the creeps).  Unlike Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood, the focus is on the music and the dancing.   This is also my one chance every month to meet up with all the girls around Southern California, as Mindy drives up from San Diego and Diana drives over from Anaheim.

Besides the dance floor, there is always an official photographer taking red carpet photos.   All the party goers line up to show their best side.  The photographer is really friendly and provides tips on how to pose.  One suggestion is that if you ever put your hand on your waist, make sure your fingers face down.   This creates a sharper angle at the elbow, and somehow slims your waist.  Since I tried every arm position, you can decide if it looks better.

There isn’t any video from January yet, but there is one from when I visited Mary’s last June.  It is a little like solving a “Where’s Waldo” or “Where’s Wilma” puzzle.  Can you spot me?  Clue: I am out on the dance floor.

More pictures can be found on Jamie’s Facebook page.


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